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2000 years of civilization.
When will the clear blue sky reach Jerusalem?
‘Cause the city of all,
still divided by a wall.
And the story isn’t at the end.

What did we learn from 1914-’45?
So many victims try to stay alive.
Another conflict on the news,
between christians, muslims or jews.
Humanity shows its darker side.

Is there a progress to another era?
Or… is it a process to misanthropy?
Unfold your unique mind.
There are no two of a kind.
It’s not just a form of vanity.

And when I see a shooting star.
I make my secret wish.
But I can’t tell,
if it’s heaven or hell,
after the march, of civilization.

Millions of refugees, always on the run.
Fear of dictatorship, who knows what’s gonna come?
When desperate children die,
because costs are too high.
While others spend fortunes just for fun.

Are there indications for a substantial change?
Maybe it’s time for all of us to rearrange..!
Welfare and prosperity to more parts of the world.
And cherish jointly what remains.

And when I look up to the sky.
I say a little prayer.
To the universal sun,
that we all may become,
soul of the march, of civilization.

I hear drums of democracy.
With a little honesty.
It’s dubious and strange,
to hear for a change,
some harmony!

And when I look up to the sky.
I make a secret wish.
But I can’t tell,
is it heaven or hell?
After the march, of civilization.

Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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