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I took my guitar, my toothbrush,
and some underwear for a few nights.
And the last train to Paris that evening,
where I came to see the dawning of the light.
At the Gare du Nord he approached me with delight.
“Je suis Jean le Bon; prolétaire.
Car tout ce que je possède; Ce triangle en fer.”

Our underground rhythms and blueses,
discovered all ends of the lines.
Where caught by J.J. and others,
in their cardboard castles, remote ‘states of wine’.
La clé pour laisser routine, espoir réouvert!
“My friend and I drive the rhythm-train.”
Appeau musical et vivant,
there’s speed to gain.

All come out of your corners,
and change the night for the day.
Grab a suit,
and join the band of beggars!

A separated legion,
reunites at platform nine.
Where the spirit hides.
Don’t miss conections,
with the band of beggars.
Get in line!

Here comes stumblin’ Louis,
with a piano on his back.
And twin brothers Dumont,
synchronized and arisen from one egg.
In stereo, ‘dirty hands trompets’.
We run upon Belgian Adolphe,
‘saxty-nine’ years old,
with a mortgage on his shed.

Now we play everywhere (in this station),
on the quiet, in the night.
A boogie on its way,
from a band of beggars.

We’ll put the volume on high,
and the modesty on low.
A ‘red tea’ from grapes,
is the fuel and the beast inside…
the band of beggars.
Come in time!

Then suddenly Jean le Bon died,
on an overdose of excitement.
We decided to bury the band of beggars,
until a ghostvoice from the sky said;
“Well dam…(censored) if you won’t play anymore.
I’ll send my rhythm from hell (or heaven).”
Now Jean le Bon is still there,
with a delay, but ‘vivant’,

Well, come out of your corners,
and hear the band of night and day.
Grab a seat and join…
The band of beggars.

A separated legion,
reunites on platform eight.
Where the spirits hide,
from the band of beggars.

Now we play everywhere (in our world),
in the quiet of the day (and night).
The boogie on its way,
from a bunch of beggars.

We’ll put our volumes on high,
and modesty on low.
And the ‘red tea’ and the beast,
the band of beggars;

Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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