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Judgement upon the white washed mansion.
A light still burns in the illegal wing.
Announcement of reorganization.
Shareholders satisfied, give them a reason to sing.
But to the working man it’s hard to explain…
The poor get poorer, while the rich will remain…
Sinners burn in heaven.

‘Better results’ are the holy keynotes.
With the words of a brand-new manager, at the end of the year.
“A little water by the wine and some extra working time,
it’s worth the effort.
All other partners agreed, it’s all within reach,
you will see…..”

The lower-class bleed from seven to seven.
Wages frozen for years, still economy declines.
Another 8% increase, if you please, for the ease, of this disease.
And the members of the board are the first in line.

Sinners burn in heaven.
There’s no fire left in hell.
Sinners burn in heaven.

It means that we all have to economize.
But not at the top, no it ain’t frozen there!
A little something, for the effort, with five or six zeros.
Fiscaly cleared, a ‘reward’ for short term results.

Can we resist the rage of publicity?
Tell our children it ain’t possible to buy all these… talks?
Mortgages sold like ice-cream, on delivery.
While they feast on their greed, we all pay the bill.

It’s a circulation of money.
With a trap at the end, the accent on SPEND, today…
“It didn’t work out, now accept the golden handshake.
You might have to run, but we’ll show you the way,
to escape.”

They say it’s less vicious, outside our borders.
Ask for proof for the move and they’ll turn their eyes away.
Sentenced to death, by world-wide economy.
While the crooked bailing out, we all have to stay.

Sinners burn in heaven.
There’s no fire left in hell.
Sinners burn in heaven.
‘Cause there’s no conscience left to sell.
Sinners burn in heaven.
No more stories left to tell.
Sinners burn in heaven.
What’s this burnin’ that I smell?

There’s a promise to hear…
At the end of the year…

Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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