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A song from a dreamer,
to the moon and the stars above.
To the sun and the sea and the horizon,
and probably to something out there beyond.

A melody for the colours that surround us,
and for the game between night and day.
And all the animals, who fear our existence,
and for all the ones we’ve ever betrayed.

The smoke of destruction,
seen from this mountain of waste.
It braught tears in the eyes of the world, that gave us,
hospitality for so many years.

A ballad to this river full of shadows,
and to flowers with a smile.
And to a thousand spots in the ocean of immensity,
and to clouds which can turn out all these lights.

A song to the spirits of this fire,
and to the trees that gave birth to these flames.
My guitar plays a stanza for the wind,
and a chorus for the falling rain.

Is it a warning by thunder and lightning,
to a dominating race.
That we need to change our attitude towards nature,
before it is too late.

I hope you’ll receive this message,
although the address is unknown.
But I sing these words as loud as I can,
(so) all the obstacles are overthrown.

A song from a dreamer.
It’s a song from a dreamer.
Like an ode to all the elements.
(This is a song from a dreamer).

Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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