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A girl should do whatever she likes.
Change it now or you gonna pay the price.
I told you before don’t hang around my door.
I’m not the type that likes to sweep the floor.

But I feel blue, since I’ve met you.
It’s the way you make me crawl if I get through.
‘Cause all I want, is some more of your time.
But you don’t see me walking when I pass by.

Well, I feel blue tonight.

A man should do whatever he wants.
But don’t turn around when there is something going on.
Don’t run around the table to contol the air.
And feel the heavy tension hanging everywhere…

When I call you. You ask me, “who?”
The sounds back on the line, it’s like a zoo.
But after wine, when you feel fine.
Until the wine is over you’re all mine.

I feel blue tonight.

You better do,
what you like.
When it’s too late,
they’ll change your mind.
Ignore the roads,
you don’t wanna go.
And never be a part of this crazy show!

But after years, it’s what you fear;
You’ll live your life, but no one is near.
Pass me by, and I’ll look right.
I don’t see you walking. I’ll feel blind.

Well, you go left when I go right.
You sleep today, I will tonight.
I see the floor, you’ll see the sky.
Out of sight…, tell me why;
I feel blue tonight?

Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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