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MMM, mother,
why does this earth get so cold?
I wake up on a july-morning,
and see that she is gone.

When I step into the world this mornin’
I get the wars around my head.
And the 8 o’ clock news tonight,
makes my day end up so sad.

No… I don’t want to compromise!
No, I don’t want to compromise!

Gazing people.
Lost in time, in time and space.
Present by their absence.
Not able to handle every day.

But it can’t be wrong, no it can’t be wrong sometimes,
to think like children do.
To see your sight through exuberant colours.
And it reminds me of my childhood with you.

No… I don’t want to compromise!
No I don’t want to compromise!

Well, I don’t want to live forever,
with these facts of everyday.
I want to feel it as a child,
I want to see it as a play.

And if I can never change it,
I’m gonna pack my things and go.
Because this world of indifference,
I don’t really want to know.

Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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