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One more forgotten hero,
has left his trail of tears behind.
Far from home,
a bitter shade of fear.

I spend my evening mourning,
all this sorrow which passed my mind.
Resting in a shadow,
a shadow of empty dreams.

Do you remember long ago?
I was living with friends,
at a hotel of sunshine.
Boring days filled the week.

I got used to the hue of green.
Working weeks, tele-nights.
Insead of a bed of flowers,
I took the way of rocks.

Give me shelter for some time.
I’m out in the cold for to long.
A nice place to sleep,
a fire to read,
after the night I’ll be gone.

My way out was the wrong way to go.
I pay for my empty head.
Take me back to that fire of yours.
The best one I’ve ever had.

The fields of honour are calling my name,
while my mind is a tottering rope.
Will I fly tonight,
to the circus of forever?

I feel like an ancient prisoner.
Cold blood is running through my eyes,
as I empty stare to the source,
the source of hate and pain.


Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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