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I see your face, even if I close my eyes.
I hear your voice, like a song in my mind.
When I get older, will you be there by my side?
And will I grow stronger, because you are my pride.
(But) now you’re not here and passion is far away.
But our thoughts will meet again, somewhere in the night.

I send you a song, it flows on the air.
I send you a smile, and I hope you’re still there.
Make my day, please give me a sign.
Feel the heatwave when we cross the line.
It’s the distance that makes me dream.
But I wanna dream together.

Stronger than anything I long for your touch.
To feel your body beside me.
Faster than anything I travel this path.
Your absence is driving me crazy.
But it’s the end of today, if I ever get away.
It’s got to be tomorrow.
Another night on my own, and the time feels so cold.
I need you to heat up my heart.

But time passes by and we’re still all alone.
Tomorrow again I’ll be closer to home.
A song in the distance, your name is the key.
A voice sings to nowhere, will it ever be?
A song to your heart, when I look in your eyes.
I dream, and it’s sure,…it’s gonna happen!

Tonny de Rouw
Tonny de Rouw Administrator

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